Petroglyph Card

project - petroglyph card

This card was created using a 4" x 6" piece of pink recycled card stock (for that "granite" look). The edges were created by burning over a flame (see CAUTION! note below). A couple of cotton balls were used to dab on two different shades of brown pigment ink. The petroglyph images were then stamped in black pigment ink. This is a simple, but very nice card.
CAUTION! As you might imagine, creating decorative edges by burning is potentially risky, and an "adult-only" activity. I used a burner on the stove, with a pot of water nearby in case the flame started to get away from me. You can create a similar edge more safely by cutting or tearing the edges and using a marker (or possibly a wet tea bag?) to color the edges.
Images used: 211-C button-up petro, 204-C headdress petro, 715-A spiral petro

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