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Scrapbooking is all the rage now; you can get wonderful results using rubber stamps to enhance your photos.

Classic Scrapbooking: The Art & Craft of Creating a Book of Memories; Vera Rosenbluth, Susan McDiarmid; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)

Decorating Scrapbooks with Rubber Stamps; Dee Gruenig; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
The author shows how to decorate scrapbooks and showcase your photos with rubber stamps and sticker paper in her own bold, colorful style.

Joy of Scrapbooking; Lisa Bearnson, Gayle Humpherys; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
A compilation of the top ideas and articles from "Creating Keepsakes", the bestselling scrapbooking magazine.

Making Scrapbooks Making Scrapbooks: Complete Guide to Preserving Your Treasured Memories; Vanessa-Ann; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
Learn how to embellish your scrapbook interiors and covers with materials and techniques such as stencils, ribbons, stamps, pop-ups, cutouts, lace, and more.

Moments to Remember: The Art of Creating Scrapbook Memories; Jo Packham; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
This book teaches you how to use archival techniques to preserve your photos (including old ones), how to research and record your family history, and how to turn your scrapbook into a work of art.

The Simple Art of Scrapbooking: Tips, Techniques, and 30 Special Album Ideas for Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime; Kathleen Jayes (Editor), the Scrapbook Guild (U.S.); Paperback $12.76 (20% off)
Hundreds of tips on how to create and design a memory album, as well as 30 different ideas for themes from gardening to pets, from weddings to travel.

The Ultimate Book of Memory Albums; Leisure Arts; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
Includes layout pages and patterns for use in your scrapbooks.
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What goes into scrapbooks? Photos, of course! Learn how to take and use your photographs better.

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Marketing Your Crafts
You can pick up a little extra rubberstamp money by selling your creations -- these books teach you how!
The Basic Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts; James Dillehay; Paperback $15.25
Explains how to sell crafts in various venues, including shows, stores, galleries; and how to build a mail-order business.

Business and Legal Forms for Crafts; Tad Crawford; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
Thoroughly explains the use of different business forms; includes copies of the actual forms for photocopying and a CD-ROM.

The Business of Crafts : The Complete Directory of Resources for Artisans; The Crafts Center; Hardcover $15.37 (30% off)
Comprehensive overview of a wide variety of options to sell your crafts, from crafts fairs to department stores, catalogs, and online shopping sites among others; includes state-by-state listings and phone/fax numbers.

Crafts Market Place Cash for Your Crafts; Wendy W. Rosen, Anne Childress; Paperback $11.96 (30% off)
This guide features business profiles and practical tips on how to turn your hobby into a business.

The Crafter's Guide to Pricing Your Work; Dan Ramsey; Paperback $13.59 (30% off)
Specific advice on how to price and sell your crafts in various fields, as well as general marketing and economic information.

Crafting As a Business; Wendy W Rosen; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
Includes tips from successful crafters and extensive contact information for galleries and shows.

Crafting for Dollars : Turn Your Hobby into Serious Cash; Sylvia Landman; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
Step-by-step guide on how to turn your hobby into a profitable business; includes interviews with successful crafters.

The Crafts Business Answer Book & Resource Guide : Answers to Hundreds of Troublesome Questions About Starting, Marketing, and Managing a Homebased Business; Barbara Brabec; Paperback $12.76 (20% off)
Forty feature articles and a reference guide covering almost 300 topics in the management and marketing of a home-based crafts business.

Crafts Market Place : Where and How to Sell Your Crafts; Argie Manolis (Editor); Paperback $15.19 (20% off)
General marketing information plus over 560 listings of various places to sell your crafts, from craft shows to retailers,from art galleries to the Internet.

The Crafts Supply Sourcebook : A Comprehensive Shop-By-Mail Guide for Thousands of Craft Materials (4th Ed); Margaret Ann Boyd; Paperback $15.19 (20% off)
Extensive mail-order sources for crafts supplies and resources, organized alphabetically by craft.

Creative Cash : How to Profit From Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills, and Related Know-How; Barbara Brabec; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
Includes personal experiences of over a hundred real-life professional crafters and artisans, who share tips and advice for success.

Handmade for Profit : Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts & Crafts; Barbara Brabec; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
Details how to turn your hobby into a successful business, with information on where and how to sell, developing your product line, etc.

Handmade for Profit Homemade Money : How to Select, Start, Manage, Market and Multiply the Profits of a Business at Home (5th Ed); Barbara Brabec; Paperback $17.59 (20% off)
In-depth survival guide on all aspects of running a business from home, including a crash course in business basics and a resource directory.

How to Sell What You Make : The Business of Marketing Crafts; Paul Gerhards; Paperback $10.36 (20% off)

How to Show & Sell Your Crafts : The Crafter's Complete Guide on How to Display Work at Shows and Make Profitable Sales; Kathryn Caputo; Paperback $15.19 (20% off)
Covers various topics related to selling crafts, including market research, setting prices, salesmanship, and craft displays.

How to Start a Home-Based Craft Business (Home-Based Business Series); Kenn Oberrecht; Paperback $14.36 (20% off)

How to Start Making Money With Your Crafts; Kathryn Caputo; Paperback $15.19 (20% off)
Illustrations and examples show beginners how to break into the crafts business.

Start and Run a Profitable Craft Business : A Step-By-Step Business Plan; William G. Hynes; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
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General Arts: Printmaking
Rubber stamps are a form of relief printing; these books will teach you more about relief and other forms of printing.

The Best of Printmaking: An International Collection; Lynne Allen, Phyllis McGibbon, Ruth Weisberg; Hardcover $19.59 (30% off)
An excellent visual reference, this collection of contemporary prints shows the diversity of the various printing mediums.

Ceramics and Print ; Paul Scott; Paperback $19.96 (20% off)
This book discusses the many printing techniques used today on ceramics, including rubber stamps and other relief techniques.

The Complete Printmaker The Complete Printmaker: Techniques, Traditions, Innovations; John Ross, Clare Romano, Tim Ross; Paperback $29.60 (20% off)
An excellent reference book on modern methods used in printmaking, well illustrated.

The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques (Encyclopedia of Art); Judy Martin; Paperback $14.36 (20% off)
Clear instructions show you how to use the full range of printing processes, from stencil to relief, to etching and more. Includes color illustrations of professional art prints showing a variety of techniques.

Gyotaku Fish Impressions: The Art of Japanese Fish Printing; Doug Olander; Paperback $14.36 (20% off)
Learn how to use an unusual material to make creative "nature prints" -- fish from the supermarket!

Print Magic: The Complete Guide to Decorative Printing Techniques; Jocasta Innes, Stewart Walton, Graham Rae; Hardcover $20.97 (30% off)
Step-by-step instructions show you how to do 27 different printmaking projects in your home; this book shows you how to print on walls, floors, ceilings, plaster, and fabrics.
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General Arts: Calligraphy
Calligraphy is often used to enhance rubber-stamped correspondence and items; learn how to make beautiful calligraphy!

100 Keys to Great Calligraphy; Judy Kastin; Hardcover $12.59 (30% off)
Contains step-by-step examples as well as finished results from professional calligraphers.

The Art of Calligraphy; David Harris; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
One of the best beginner's guides available, this book includes a history of the development of western script; equipment and techniques; and contains illustrations and examples for making each letter.

Do-It-Yourself CalligraphyDo-It-Yourself Calligraphy; Suze Weinberg, Lyny McKinnon; Paperback $6.36 (20% off)
Learn how to write in three basic calligraphy styles, whether you are right- or left-handed; also find out how to make unique cards, book plates, certificates, and more.

The Ken Brown Calligraphy Handbook; Ken Brown; Paperback $16.00
This book uses an unique approach to teach beginners calligraphy using a broad-edged pen; also shows you how to write on unusual surfaces such as wet cement, leather, and wood.

Left-Handed Calligraphy; Vance Studley; Paperback $3.16 (20% off)

Lettering Tips: For Artists, Graphic Designers, and Calligraphers; Bill Gray, Paul Shaw; Paperback $15.25
This book covers the major alphabet styles, teaches basic strokes and techniques for making drawn and constructed letters, and tells you how to design your own calligraphic variations.

Step-by-Step Calligraphy: A Complete Guide With Creative Projects; Susan Hufton; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
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General Arts: Collage/Mixed Media
Many of the most impressive rubberstamped cards use collage techniques & elements; learn more about this art.

The Art and Craft of Collage; Simon Larbalestier; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)

Collage Art: The Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase; Jennifer L Atkinson; Hardcover $20.99 (30% off)
This book presents eight different collage projects in step-by-step detail from eight different artists; the finished works are shown in an in-depth gallery.

Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists and Illustrators; Gerald F Brommer; Paperback $22.00 (20% off)
Stunning works of collage are featured in this book, which covers materials, techniques, and design considerations.

The Crafter's Complete Guide to CollageThe Crafter's Complete Guide to Collage; Amanda Pearce, Sally Burton, Stephen Butler, Gerry Copp; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
All the main forms of collage are covered here in this well-illustrated book, from photomontage and computer art to decoupage, fabric, and mixed media. Twenty-five projects are included from wall hangings, cards, and books, to a working clock.

Creative Collage Techniques; Nita Leland, Virginia Lee Williams; Hardcover $20.29 (30% off)
This publication "teaches collage from the ground up", from basic cut-and-paste to mixed media. Techniques and materials are well-covered, as well as design principles.
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General Arts: Painting
Knowing the techniques of painting is a must for artists - learn how in these books.

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General Arts: Composition & Design
These books will help you to design better cards and artwork, and give you inspiration.
The Best Invitation, Card, and Announcement Design; Rockport Publishers (Compiler); Paperback $27.99 (20% off)
Compilation of commercial graphic design, providing inspiration for your own creations.

Composition: A Series of Exercises in Art Structure for the Use of Students and Teachers; Arthur Wesley Dow, Joseph Masheck; Paperback $23.96 (20% off)
Reprint of an once widely-used book on five principles of composition -- opposition, transition, subordination, repetition and symmetry. Still helpful.

Design and Composition; Nathan Goldstein; Paperback $51.00
This is a basic design text that shows how the elements of design make successful compositions, and discusses compositional strategies and structure.

Design Basics Design Basics; David Lauer, Stephen Pentak; Paperback $64.00
This book focuses on the principles and elements of design in an easy-to-follow manner, with many illustrated examples of art ranging from prehistory to today.

Elements of Art; Richard Pumphrey; Paperback $64.00
Basic introduction to art and design; covers both two- and three- dimensional design.

Paperwork: The Potential of Paper in Graphic Design; Nancy Williams; Paperback $23.96 (20% off)
This book illustrates and demonstrates the creative uses of paper in graphic design, including pop-ups, embossing, cutting, and special printing techniques.

Principles of Design; Jill A Rinner, Jeff Johnson; Paperback $3.16 (20% off)

Private Greeting Cards; P.I.E. Books; Hardcover $52.50 (30% off)
Greeting cards featuring original ideas from graphic designers all over the world, showcasing a variety of concepts and media for creative inspiration.

Thinking Creatively: New Ways to Unlock Your Visual Imagination; Robin Landa; Hardcover $23.09 (30% off)
Top designers reveal dozens of idea-generating techniques, as well as insight on how to "apply creative visual thinking to real-world projects". Forty-four visual thinking exercises are included to increase your creativity.
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