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Mail Art
Many people are involved in sending extremely creative correspondence to each other; these books will introduce you to the world of mail art.

Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology; Chuck Welch (Editor); Paperback
Essays by different contributors celebrating correspondence art -- computer art, rubberstamped art, mail art zines, mailed artifacts, and more. Includes appendixes with lists of resources.

Griffin & Sabine Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence; Nick Bantock; Hardcover $12.57 (30% off)
Sabine's Notebook: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Continues; Nick Bantock; Hardcover $12.57 (30% off)
The Golden Mean: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes; Nick Bantock; Hardcover $12.57 (30% off)
The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy: Sabine's Notebook/The Golden Mean/Griffin & Sabine; Nick Bantock; Hardcover Boxed Set $34.97 (30% off)
Griffin & Sabine: 20 Assorted Notecards & Envelopes; Nick Bantock; Notecards Edition $10.36 (20% off)
Griffin & Sabine: The Complete Postcards; Nick Bantock; Postcards Edition $14.35 (10% off)
Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Address Book; Nick Bantock; Hardcover Spiral Edition $12.57 (30% off)
Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Writing Box; Nick Bantock; Complete Stationery Kit $22.46 (10% off)
Griffin & Sabine: Stationery Refills; Nick Bantock; Stationery $11.65 (10% off)
A fictious work of mail art in three chapters, gorgeously illustrated with actual letters and cards included in the books. A mysterious romantic saga, well-loved by millions of readers, these books are definitely recommended for reading and inspiration. You can also spread the magic with the postcards & stationery!

Mail Art: An Annotated Bibliography; John Held; Hardcover $60.50
Over 2,200 sources, from 36 countries, are listed in this comprehensive bibliography on not only mail art, but also artistamps, photocopy art, visual poetry and more.

Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art; Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Sue Nan Douglass; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art; Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Sue Nan Douglass; Hardcover $32.50
Focuses on individual mail artists and their motivations and philosophy; color plates feature their artwork.
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Paper Arts: Greeting Cards
Learn how to make terrific greeting cards for special occassions.

Card Crafting: Over 45 Ideas for Making Greeting Cards & Stationery; Gillian Souter; Paperback $10.36 (20% off)
Learn how to make many wonderful cards, using creative techniques such as decoupage, lettering, papermaking, embossing, and more. Clear instructions and patterns are included.

Create Your Own Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap With Priscilla Hauser; Priscilla Hauser; Hardcover $17.49 (30% off)
This book contains step-by-step instructions for 31 projects using a variety of techniques -- collage, metal leaf, paper quilling, stenciling, marbling and more.

Dee Gruenig's Rubber Stamp Treasury: Original Ideas for Creative Stationery, Party Paper & Gift Wraps; Dee Gruenig; Hardcover
New; available March '99

The Envelope Mill: Recycle Magazines into Beautifully Crafted Envelopes; Haila Harvey, Haila Crowell, June Ford; Paperback $15.99 (20% off)
This book comes with three usable envelope templates, anc contains complete instructions and ideas for making your own colorful envelopes from magazine pages, junk mail, etc.

Making Greeting Cards w/ Rubber Stamps Making Greeting Cards With Rubber Stamps; MaryJo McGraw; Paperback $17.59 (20% off)
A must-have book with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and a variety of creative greeting card techniques; includes many color samples.

Making Your Own Cards; Lynda Watts; Paperback $10.36 (20% off)
Thirty original, stunning handmade card designs in a range of styles from decoupage to origami.

Origami Greeting Cards; Isamu Asahi, Yuko S Tomita; Paperback $6.36 (20% off)
Create unique cards by combining the art of paper folding with the fun of card making.

Pop-Up Best Greeting Cards; Keiko Nakazawa; Paperback $13.60 (20% off)
Forty-nine original pop-up gift and greeting cards are featured with detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

Pop-Up Greeting Cards: Over 50 Simple-To-Make Projects; Paul Jackson; Hardcover $12.98 (value priced)
If you have ever needed a greeting card in a pinch, this book has directions for making pop-up cards for a variety of occassions.

Stamp With Style: More Than 50 Creative Cards & Projects; Kathryn Perkins; Paperback $19.96 (20% off)
If you're tired of the "cutesy" style some rubber stamp books promote, this one will teach you how to make upscale, stylish cards and gifts.
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Paper Arts: Handmade Books, Altered Arts, & Papermaking
Many rubberstampers are also involved in other paper arts; rubber stamps are the perfect tool for decorating these.

The Art of the Handmade Book: Designing, Decorating, and Binding One-of-a-Kind Books; Flora Fennimore; Paperback $12.00 (20% off)
Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this book will show you how to make photo albums, scrolls, pop-up books, etc.

The Art of Handmade Paper and Collage Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary; Cheryl Stevenson; Hardcover $27.95
Learn how to create handmade paper and then use it along with fabric, stamps, dried flowers, puzzle pieces, giftwrap and more to create original collages.

The Book of Paper Quilling: Techniques & Projects for Paper Filigree; Malinda Johnston; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
More than 70 step-by-step projects introduce the craft of paper quilling (gluing together rolled pieces of paper to create a variety of designs).

Handmade Books and Cards Handmade Books and Cards; Jean G. Kropper; Paperback $19.96 (20% off)
This well-illustrated book covers aspects of bookmaking including typography, binding and decoration. Detailed instructions are included on making concertina folds, stab-stitch bindings, pop-ups, and others.

Making Books by Hand: A Step-by-Step Guide; Mary McCarthy, Philip Manna; Hardcover $17.49 (30% off)
Clear and concise instructions for making projects from the basic to the creative, with photos illustrating every step.

Making Books that Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up, Twist, and Turn; Gwen Diehn; Hardcover $13.97 (30% off)
Introduces kids to the idea of making their own books; has 18 different and innovative projects from accordion-fold books with pockets to a "Tetratetraflexagon journal".

Pages: Innovative Book Making Techniques; Linda Fry Kenzle; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
Step-by-step illustrated instructions show you how to make 40 book projects, in different styles from scrolls to folded and bound books. Elementary information on papers and construction is included, as well as decoration and ideas on how to use the finished book. The finished projects are showcased in color photos.

Paper Art: The Complete Guide to Papercraft Techniques; Jennifer Philippoff, Diane V. Maurer-Mathison; Paperback $22.00 (20% off)
This comprehensive guide shows you not only how to create handmade paper, but also how to decorate it with stamping, marbling, embossing, batik, and more; and how to use it in papier-mache, collage, quilling, and paper weaving. The works of 50 leading paper artists are also showcased.

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Paper Arts: Pop-Ups
Pop-up cards are the perfect vehicles for rubber stamps; you can get cute or wacky with these cards.

How to Make Holiday Pop-Ups; Joan Irvine, Linda Hendry; Paperback $5.56 (20% off)
How to Make Pop-Ups; Joan Irvine, Barbara Reid; Paperback $5.56 (20% off)
How to Make Super Pop-Ups; Joan Irvine, Linda Hendry; Paperback $5.56 (20% off)
Although aimed at children, adults can also glean excellent ideas for making 3-dimensional paper projects from cards to masks and costumes. The holiday book is multicultural, featuring projects for Buddhist and Muslim celebrations, as well as the traditional Christian holidays.

Paper Engineering for Pop-Up Books and Cards; Mark Hiner; Paperback $11.16 (20% off)
Step-by-step guide to pop-up cards.

Paper Magic: Pop-Up Paper Craft; Masahiro Chitani; Paperback $12.00 (20% off)

Pop-O-Mania Pop-O-Mania: How to Create Your Own Pop-Ups; Barbara Valenta; Textbook Binding $15.29 (10% off)
Meant for ages 4-8, this is a child-friendly book which contains actual pop-ups in its pages.

The Pop-Up Book: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Over 100 Original Paper Projects; Paul Jackson, Paul Forrester; Paperback $15.16 (20% off)
Learn to make a variety of pop-up cards in striking shapes and designs, using one or multiple sheets of paper. Many heart-shaped cards are included.

Up-Pops: Paper Engineering With Elastic Bands; Mark Hiner; Paperback $13.95
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Paper Arts: Origami
Origami is also often used along with rubber stamping; origami-folded items can decorate a card or even be stamped on themselves.

The Complete Book of Origami: Step-by-Step Instructions in Over 1000 Diagrams / 37 Original Models; Robert J. MacEy, Robin Lang, Robin Macey; Paperback $7.96 (20% off)
Step-by-step diagrams clearly show how to make many models, ranging from a biplane to a cuckoo clock to assorted animals.

Easy Origami; Kazuo Kobayashi, Nihon Vogue, Chihara Sunayama, Keiko Hora, Jane Laferia (editor); Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
Learn how to make 60 projects ranging from the traditional crane to napkin folds; even a picnic box.

The Encyclopedia of Origami & Papercraft Techniques; Paul Jackson; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
Not just origami, this book also covers other papercraft techniques such as paper sculpture and papier-mache, decoupage, weaving, and quilling. An inspirational gallery of beautiful paper artwork is also included.

Essential Origami; Steve Biddle, Megumi Biddle; Hardcover $12.76 (20% off)
Dozens of step-by-step projects, using ten basic folds, are included in this book -- perfect for beginners.

Fantastic Folds: Origami Projects; Andrew Stoker, Sasha Williamson, Michael Newton; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
This full-color book shows you how to make beautiful origami for gifts or for the home, all folded from a single sheet of paper.

The New Origami; Steve Biddle, Megumi Biddle; Paperback $12.76 (20% off)
The latest origami trends and techniques are featured in this book, along with the classic folds.

Origami Boxes Origami Boxes Series by Tomoko Fuse:
Fabulous Origami Boxes; Tomoko Fuse; Paperback $13.60 (20% off)
Joyful Origami Boxes; Tomoko Fuse; Paperback $13.60 (20% off)
Origami Boxes; Tomoko Fuse; Paperback $12.00 (20% off)
Quick & Easy Origami Boxes; Tomoko Fuse; Paperback $13.60 (20% off)
"Unit origami" is a simple way to make complex objects by folding sheets of paper into identical shapes and then joining them together without scissors or glue. These books use the concept of "unit origami" to make wonderful boxes, in different shapes, for containers and gifts.

Origami for Christmas; Chiyo Araki, Akihiko Tokue, Lillian Oppenheimer; Paperback $15.20 (20% off)
Learn to fold flowers, Santa and his reindeer, and nativity scenes for the holidays; for both beginners and more advanced origami enthusiasts.

Origami Hearts; Francis M. Y. Ow; Paperback $12.00 (20% off)
This book contains sixty-six original heart designs to fold; including rings, coasters, frames, and boxes.
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Polymer Clay
Polymer clay is a very versatile medium that can be used with rubber stamps in many wonderful techniques such as mokume gane.

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Learn how to make original jewelry with wire, polymer clay, rubber stamps and more.
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