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This awesome tile-covered cigar box was made by Monica Black aka BlackCats as a class project for the Summer 2005 Cyberstampers Convention.
Stamps used: tattoo sun 1903-C, tattoo moon 1904-C, lightning bolts 3409-A, southwest sunrays 3420-A, sunburst halo 3608-B, outline starburst 3724-A, circle design 3919-C, bold sunburst 4018-C
Supplies used: cigar box of your choice, gold, silver& copper Premo polymer clay, Graphite Black Brilliance inkpad.

Gold, silver, and copper Premo polymer clay were conditioned by hand and then rolled out to 1# on a pasta machine (or about 1/8" if rolling by hand). The tiles were then cut out with a cookie cutter, stamped with Graphite Black Brilliance, and baked according to directions.

The prebaked tiles were fit onto the box and grouted with softened polymer clay pressed through a clay gun.

The edge decoration is gold, silver, and copper Premo polymer clay rolled into thin logs and braided. They were fitted on the edges and baked again. You can see more pictures from the class here.

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