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Fingerspelled Love Guest Soaps
Stamped Fingerspelled Candy Heart Soaps

These soaps were made with quality melt-and-pour soap bases: creamy Goat's Milk. If you like these soaps but don't want to go to all the trouble of making them, check out ASLsoaps here!

Stamps used: 4102-K Fingerspelled Print Kit Captioned

Supplies used: melt-and-pour soap base (goat's milk), soap colors, fragrance oil, guest heart-shaped silicone mold, hammer, tape or cushion, block or similar

Procedure: Cut apart fingerspelled letters as in instructions to make words such as "Sweet". "Kiss". etc. Trim very closely and arrange letters to make words, on sticky side of tape, cushion, etc. Melt goat's milk soap base, add color and fragrance for each batch. Pour into molds to fill. Let cool until just set. Unmold. Quckly place fingerspelled word stamps on each soap and cover with a block; strike sharply with hammer to impress words on soap. If all this is too much work, you can purchase these soaps here!

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