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Stamped Honey Oatmeal Soap

These soaps were made with quality melt-and-pour soap bases: Honey on top and Oatmeal on bottom. If you like these soaps but don't want to go to all the trouble of making them, check out ASLsoaps here!

Stamps used (not all are shown in the picture): 3023-C silhouette ily hand, 3505-C ily butterfly, 3518-C bold heart ily, 3701-E ily angel, 3702-E love angel, 4314-D longhair ily kitty (all unmounted)

Supplies used: melt-and-pour soap base (honey and oatmeal), large round silicone mold with 6 cavities

Procedure: Trim unmounted stamps closely. Adhere each stamp face-up to bottom of mold with few drops melted soap. Melt honey soap and pour into molds. Let set, melt oatmeal soap and pour into molds. Let cool completely and unmold. It's ok if stamps come off the mold - just pull off. You may need to clean up edges of molded image with toothpick or something similar. If all this is too much work, you can purchase these soaps here!

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