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This was designed last year by Tracey from "You Stamp It", a company that manufactures and sells blank white products (notecubes, gift boxes, etc.) for stamping. I am not sure if the company is still in business. If you do find them, please be sure to support them with your purchases- they make some nice stuff for stampers!

Spooktacular Halloween Tin:
by Tracey
For this project, you will create a permanent decoration on the bottom of the tin. To create this, you will seal over your decoration with super hard epoxy.
First, start with the new You Stamp It 8oz tin. It's 4 inches in diameter and 1 1/8 inches tall. It's more than double the size of an Altoid tin ~ so it can hold lots of goodies!
This tin contains a book kit with a front & back cover and 5 inner pages.
You will use one of the book pages to create the decoration in the bottom of the tin. First, use it as a template to cut 2 pieces of contrasting paper. Then tear the two pieces in the middle.

Distress them as desired. (I sponged black ink onto the edges of the orange half circle.) Next, adhere them to the white book page. Finally add your stamps or embellishments.
I stamped on orange paper with black ink, cut out the images, and glued them down. Be careful to glue all the edges down because if you don't they will lift up when you put the epoxy on. Also be sure to adhere the bottom decoration to the bottom of the tin so it won't lift up.

These great stamps are from Lost Angeles Rubber Works. They have a lot of fun Halloween and animal stamps.
One other line of stamps that I think is REALLY cool is their American Sign Language (ASL) stamps.
These stamps are truly one of a kind. So unique in fact, they will be mentioned next month in The Rubber Stamper Magazine. Be sure to check them out at www.larubberworks.com.

Ok...here comes the epoxy part. Epoxy is a two-part resin/hardener glue that is extremely strong. It is generally available in 5 to 30-minute formulas.
I enlisted the help of my hubby on this - those are his hands. He recommended a 5 minute epoxy that dries crystal clear and has an instant mix nozzle.
I have tried epoxy that you mix in a cup, but it fills with bubbles. Also, beware - there is epoxy on the market for stampers but it's much more expensive than what you can get at the hardware store.

The epoxy will come out of a nozzle, Run the nozzle around the the inside edges of the tin. Then, starting at the top, squeeze the epoxy out in a zig-zag.
Make the glue zig zags pretty thick...they will spread out to cover the entire surface.
Your last step is to decorate the lid while the bottom is drying. Hubby wants me to warn you not to touch the epoxy until at least an hour after it looks dry because fingerprints will last forever.

Stamps used: happy halloween 1110-B, vampire cat 1509-B, ily skeleton 3710-C
Supplies used: round metal tin (like candy tin), paper of your choice, fibers or other embellishments, black stamp ink pad, crystal clear epoxy

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